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The First 6 Things President Biden Should Do

The First 6 Things President Biden Should Do

Whether or not, one supported, the philosophy, preferences, goals, and priorities, of the forty fifth President of the United States, Donald Trump, or, felt, his actions, rhetoric, and plans, were opposite, to the best interests of this nation, and citizens, after, the pre - election, and put up - election, events, it should be apparent, we want, to convey this nation, collectively, for the higher good! In recent memory, few recall, any earlier President, who behaved, the way, this one did! When, political reality - checkers, prodeclare, he has lied, and so on, at an alarming, unprecedented rate, and, continued articulating statements, usually - disproven, shouldn't that, alarm us, in terms of its longer - term, ramifications, on the very - nature, of this nation? With that in mind, this article will try and consider, the primary 6 things, President Joe Biden, should address, and do.

1. Change the tone (unify, instead of polarize): We have to, change the tone of our political setting, sooner, somewhat than later! Since, his predecessor, seemed to serve, his core supporters, the new occupant of the White House, should, emphasize, improving the overall atmosphere, of the nation, and, all our people! Perhaps, this means, he must attempt, to make America, sane - again!

2. Public health/ Health Care: There must be, something, very improper, with our approach, to public health (and crises), when, the United States, with approximately, 4.5% of the world's population, has skilled, about 20% of the planet's cases, and fatalities. Primarily based on that, we must always have had about 75, 000, instead of 300, 000 deaths! It means, Biden must restore public health efforts, to be guided, by the experts, and scientists! By way of health and medical care, we'd like a system, the place health care, is considered a right, instead of a privilege, for the few, and wealthiest!

3. Local weather Change: President Trump's stewardship, was one in every of denying the hazards of Climate Change, etc. This has harmed the nation, and the remainder of the planet, and President Biden, should restore this to a prime priority, and consider, this, in a realistic, relevant, sustainable, accountable way!

4. Environmental protection: For the past 4 years, we have witnessed an apparent try to equate environmental protections, reminiscent of protecting, clean air and water, with mere, financial costs! If, we don't, as soon as - again, address reversing these actions, and protecting these, we hurt, future generations!

5. Infrastructure: In many areas, especially, older cities, the infrastructure, is breaking - down, and, we should, start, addressing these, earlier than, it's too late! Roads, bridges, tunnels, mass transit, water provides, electric delivery (and grid), and many others, are all, related, sustainable wants, which have to be, proactively, protected!

6. Employment/ Jobs/ Wages: We need a more realistic, mandatory, minimum wage, which has not been raised, nationally, in decades! Our government, typically, paints a prettier image, than exists, equating employment/ unemployment figures, with economic quality! We want low unemployment, however, should, strive, to make jobs, relevant, to current, and foreseeable needs, etc. Up to now couple of decades, the wage - gap, between the wealthiest, and the remainder of the nation, has widened, dramatically.

Let's make America Sane Once more! This will only happen, if/ when, President Biden, proceeds, forward, towards achieving these essential goals, needs, and priorities!

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